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ATS Classic 15" wheels with Tires

ATS Classic 15" wheels with Tires

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Rev up your modeling game with the ATS Classic 15" wheels with Tires Resin 3D Print! Unleash your creativity as these wheels come ready for some painting and customization fun. Remember, their resin nature may require a tad bit of sanding, but it's all worth it for that smooth finish.

For all you Aoshima and Fujimi fans, the female mount fitment is perfect for your kits (rubber polycaps not included). And if Tamiya is your jam, worry not, because we've got the male mount fitment just for you. So whether you're rocking Aoshima, Fujimi, or Tamiya, we've got your wheels covered!

These bad boys come in a convenient set of four (4) with tires included. Plus, we've got you covered with parts split for easy painting and customization.

Got specific size needs or looking for some extra customization? Drop us a message because we're all ears! Let the ATS Classic wheels take your model game to the next level!

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