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Lamborghini Countach Engine Resin

Lamborghini Countach Engine Resin

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Rev up your excitement with the Lamborghini Countach Engine Resin - a flawless replica of the 12-cylinder powerhouse, complete with Weber carburetors and essential components like gearbox, differential, and driveshaft. Experience every intricate detail of this mechanical marvel as you embark on an adventure of a lifetime!


Parts are not painted.

As with all 3D resin parts, some light sanding may be required.
Printed in high resolution grey resin.
We clean our miniatures to remove all supports and other remnants of the printing process, instead of leaving it up to you.

Instagram: @speedstar.ig

If you need a specific size or a different customization, please send a message.

Engine is separated in pieces for better painting, parts come unpainted!
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